About The Global Zoe


Haitian-American rapper/composer Giorgio “The Global Zoe” Mondesir has been making an impact in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) for the past four years. Famous for his remixes to some of the HMI’s greatest hits from artists like J-Beatz, Baby1King and Krezi-Beatz; In 2014, The Global Zoe decided to expand his craft and create his own genre of music called Zoumpa. Zoumpa is an upcoming original musical genre that blends Guadeloupe and Martinique sounds from Africa with both R&B soul and hip-hop flair.

Inspired by his parents’ love of 80’s Kompa music and System Band, The Global Zoe used this inspiration to create his 4th studio album “Machiavel” released on December 5th 2018.

“Machiavel” is the ultimate compilation of Haitian-American bilingual hip-hop. This album consists of 12 tracks with features from well-known artists like Haitian Fresh, DJ Wicked, DJ Magic Kenny and Somong. Production for “Machiavel” includes projects from well-known producers such as Panco Beats and OGE Beats; in addition to projects from up and coming producers from West Palm Beach such as DJ Rich & Kamonflylefleur and Sharp Shooter.

“Machiavel”, family name given to The Global Zoe prior to his birth by the famous band Maestro Isnard Douby, is an album unlike any other project released by The Global Zoe. As a tribute to his late father Joanys, “Machiavel” is a musical memoir dedicated to the unique childhood experiences shared between The Global Zoe and his parents that contributed to his love of music. In addition to the musical influence, a snapshot of these childhood experiences can also be seen on the album cover.

Since the release of Machiavel, fan favorites have been “Run Di Yad”, “Like No Other” and “Map Panse a Ou”. Unlike any other record in the HMI, “Run Di Yad” is the official single for “Machiavel”. This record is an uptempo, high energy, Creole-English dancehall beat. “Run Di Yad” is a shout-out to women of all nationalities while complimenting them on their confidence and willingness to step up to take a seat on her throne and “Run Di Yad”.